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All change is hard, even more so when it's dietary and especially when it involves little ones. So here, we have shared the story of Tegan the (vegan) Pirate. Tegan was on an adventure, as usual, but discovered an island full of friends and a new, better way of eating. Hopefully Tegan's story will help the younger people in your family make the transition to the vegan lifestyle.

Tegan the Vegan Pirate

Tegan the pirate was out of cheese:

“What a cataclysmic disaster!

We’ll need to make an extra stop

to get my food much faster.


Find somewhere that we can dock

To restock our supplies.

Scour the maps, and find some land.

Let’s get to it, you guys!”


On the map, Tegan discovered

a little, tiny dot –

an island never seen before,

“It’s the perfect spot!”


The ship pulled up, the anchor dropped

Onto the sandy shore.

100 people watched in awe.

Possibly, there were more.


The islanders had never seen

A Pirate, ship or crew.

They welcomed them with open arms,

Excited to learn something new.


The Chief went pale and slowly sat,

Mouth agape. Eyes wide.

“We would never eat our animals.

We’re all on the same side!


We eat plants! Fruits galore!

So nutritious and so sweet.

We’d never hurt our animals,

Or kill them for their meat!”


Stumped at how to explain the ways

Of the Pirate and the crew,

Finally, Tegan shrugged and said,

“It’s just what we do.”


Still confused the chief shyly asked,

“Then why not eat your cat?

Or milk your dog? Eat your parrot’s eggs?

You could just do that.”


“No! They are pets and we love them:

 We give them food and homes and care…

But I guess it seems to other beasts that

We have not been fair.”


Tegan looked down at the floor,

Wondering how this was…

Treating some as wonderful friends,

But hurting others just because. 

The island friends prepared a feast!

A smorgasbord of taste:

Delicious dishes and sweet, ripe fruits...

Not a morsel went to waste.


They danced and ate and ate and sang

far into the starry night.

And though the crew was stuffed, stuffed, stuffed,

They had never felt so light.


The sun came up and the island chief

Welcomed Tegan to her home.

“We’re so happy you have come to us.

For what reason do you roam?”


“Please, great chief,” Tegan began,

"I must ask you for a trade:

We need meat and eggs and milk and cheese.

Can a bargain please be made?


Ask what you want. It will be yours,

if only you will share.”

“What is this meat? And eggs and milk?

Are they things to wear?”


Taken aback, Tegan explained,

“We eat animal meat of course!

Drink cow’s milk. Eat chicken’s eggs…

Get our protein from the source!”

The wise young chief took Tegan’s hand,

“I can see you meant no harm.

I’ll teach you how we like to eat.”

She took Tegan by the arm


And led the pirate through the town.

There was peace and health and light.

This life was one of compassion.

Tegan knew that it felt right.  


“Anything our bodies need,

we get from food that’s grown.

Potatoes, rice, fruits, and veg!

Plants are all we’ve known.”


The gardens were full of colour,

Fresh and vibrant smells.

Life was in abundance...

There was clean water in the wells.


Then and there a change occurred-

the decision to go vegan!

And that’s the animal-friendly tale of

Healthy-Pirate Tegan. 

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