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Snacks & Treats

Vegan Snacks and Treats you can buy

People are busy and not everything can be homemade. This is an inconclusive list of vegan snacks you can find at any grocery store. Always check the ingredients of different brands just in case. If it says “may contain milk” it means the product was made in a factory that also processes products that contain milk and there may be some cross-contamination.


-Clif bars

-Fig Newtons

-trail mix, without chocolate

-Arrowroot biscuits and some cracker brands

-fresh and dried fruit


-mini Ritz Crackers with peanut butter

-jelly beans and jujubes (without gelatin)

-fruit/vegetable squeeze packets for children (ex. Love Child Organics or Baby Gourmet)

-pre-cut or whole fruit

-jarred olives, pickles, artichokes, beets…

-vegan ice cream

-rice cakes (only some flavours are vegan)

-vegetables with hummus dip

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