5 days

Sprouts are a delicious, fresh, healthy addition to sandwiches and salads, and as  a topping for dinners like vegan tacos or chili.

Sprouts are easy to make at home. The seeds and sprouting jar are not available everywhere, but you can buy supplies online:

Sprout Lids are plastic, mesh lids that fit wide-mouth mason jars.

Seeds can be bought in grocery/health food stores or online. They may seem pricey but 3 tbsp make approximately 3 cups of sprouts! And stored in a dark, dry place, the seeds last for years.

Check out Sproutmaster.com and Amazon.ca


Note: Some seeds need different germination times. I have a mix of seeds and they are done in 5 days.

Sprouting Instructions:

Day One AM

Soak your seeds (3 tbsp) in water for about 12 hours.

Store them in a humid, dark spot (my cupboard above the oven is perfect for me).


Day One PM

Strain the water from the seeds, rinse with fresh water and strain again. Make sure you get out all the water to avoid mold.

Wrap your jar in an old tea towel to absorb any water that may leak out. Store it horizontally in your humid, dark space.


Day Two – Day Five

Rinse and strain your seeds in both the morning and the evening until they are big sprouts.


Store your sprouts in the fridge in an airtight container, with some paper towel to absorb excess moisture. Your sprouts will stay fresh for a couple of weeks. Clean your sprouting jar and lid well between each use.

Make-Ahead Ingredients