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Nothing fussy.

Quick Intro


I am not a nutritionist, medical expert nor a culinary master; I am a mother of two who feeds my family vegan food. After watching a few documentaries, I concluded that eating a vegan diet was the right decision for our health, for animal welfare and for the planet.

I have learned a few things on our journey to becoming a plant-based family and I have outlines them below to help you transition to a vegan diet.

All of the ingredients I use in my recipes can be found in most rural grocery stores, unless otherwise specified. Your grocer will usually bring in any product at your request. I am not affiliated with any of the brands I mention throughout the website/book, but knowing specific items to look for should make your shopping easier at the beginning.


Please play with these recipes to make them your own. Swap potatoes for sweet potatoes, add more spices or change out the vegetables to your favourites. I hope you find these recipes easy and delicious enough to keep you on a plant-based diet! And remember to give yourself time. For many people this is a drastic change in their diet, but with patience your taste buds will adjust and your body will thank you.


Eat Enough

Focus on whole foods – fruits and vegetables – to make up most of your diet. Plants are low in calories compared to the same-sized portion of animal protein. So make sure you are eating enough calories to feel satisfied and full, or else you will not stick to this lifestyle. Starches like potatoes, pasta, and rice are a healthy part of your diet and will help keep you feeling fuller, longer.

Not every meal I serve has an obvious protein (ex. beans, nuts, legumes, tofu). But all plants have protein in them so you will get enough!



Overall, I have found that I've reduced our grocery bill by going vegan.  Meat and dairy are expensive items, and by cutting these out savings can be significant. But while I’m not spending money on animal products anymore, I have switched to organic produce when possible and there are some specialty items in the natural section that I splurge on, which does increase our bill a bit. However, it is entirely possible to have a much smaller grocery bill (and waistline) by adopting a plant-based lifestyle.  

Dig In!

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